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Ozlem Computer & Instruction Systems

Our company opened in the year of 2003 with the purpose of technical service and with the experience it gained and the new concepts brought by the ever-changing computer world, it added new branches and now serves you in the areas of consultancy, maintenance, onsite and local technical service, special software, web design, social media advertisement organizations, instructional product selling, etc. with expert staff. Our main priority is trust; to understand our beloved customers’ needs and show you the best solution for your problems..

  • Consultancy
  • Local Technical Service
  • Special Software
  • Web Design & SEO
  • Company Identity
  • Social Media Advertisement Organizations
  • Instructional Product Selling

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  • Microsoft Windows System Setup and Repair
  • Apple, iMac and Macbook System Setup and Repair
  • Data Recovery
  • Erasing and Preventing Virus, Malware, Adware
  • Removing Cryptolocker Virus and Recovering Files
  • PC & Laptop Repair
  • Tablet & Electronic Device Repair
  • Gaming Console Repair
  • Server & Network Solutions
  • WorkStation Setup and Maintenance
  • Replacing Damaged or Broken Screen
  • Hardware Updates
  • Onsite Service & Instruction Support
  • Website Setup and Update
  • Special Software for Companies
  • SEO Service
  • Computer and Electronic Consumable Materials
  • Network Connection Problems
  • Software Update Service

Personal Computer & Laptop Service

Solution for your software and hardware problems


Ozlem Computer & Instruction Systems


In our company, we aim for our staff to read all subscribed magazines regarding technology, instruction, computer, web design, network systems, future technologies etc; and for our staff to be ready for our customers’ questions about technology.


Thanks to our professional approach, we share our foresight regarding your solved problems so that they don’t repeat. Because every true information affects our service and sales programs, being honest and earning trust is among our irrevocable policies.


Your information and hard-work is important for us. In any technical service operation, your information won’t be damaged.


To solve the customer’s problem as soon as possible, all together.


To accept customer’s problems as one’s own; doing the service in this mindset and listening to them.

No Solution & No Payment

If we can’t solve your problem, we won’t ask for money!

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Slow operating system, computer that won’t open, liquid contact, software setup, hardware change – in short, whatever your problem is, it’s checked by our professional staff, and if we can’t solve it, then you won’t be charged.

Trust & Transparency

Your important devices are under our protection!

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Unlike other computer technical service companies, with our 16-year-experience, we take serial numbers of all the devices and offer transparent service away from trust issues.