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Repairing Apple Brand Devices

With our all professional staff, we repair all Apple products such as iPad, iPod, iPad mini, iMac, macintosh, Macbook Pro, Macpro, and Macbook Air.

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Macbook Repair

We repair your Macbooks with guarantee, no matter the model such as Macbook Pro, Macpro, Macbook Air.

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IMac Repair

We offer screen change and solutions to many software and hardware issues of your imac computers.

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iPad Technical Service

iPad repair requires professionalism, so we as Özlem Computer solve all your issues professionally.

Macbook Repair

  • Ankara Macbook Motherboard Repair – Motherboard Change
  • Ankara Macbook Graphic Card Repair – Graphic Card Change
  • Ankara Macbook Screen Repair – Screen Change
  • Ankara Macbook Upgrade
  • Ankara Macbook Windows Upload
  • Ankara Macbook Windows Setup
  • MacOs and Microsoft Co-Setup
  • Ankara Macbook Windows installation
  • Ankara Macbook Windows and Mac Co-Setup
  • Ankara Macbook Adobe Setup
  • Ankara Macbook Repair
  • Ankara Macbook Technical Service

Imac Repair

  • Ankara imac motherboard repair – motherboard change
  • Ankara imac Graphic Card Repair – Graphic Card Change
  • Ankara imac Screen Repair – Screen Change
  • Ankara imac Upgrade
  • Ankara imac Windows Setup
  • Mac and Microsoft Co-Setup
  • Ankara imac Windows Setup
  • Ankara imac Windows installation
  • AAnkara imac Windows and Mac Co-Setup
  • Ankara imac Adobe Kurma
  • Ankara imac Repair
  • Ankara imac Technical Service

İpad Repair

  • Ankara iPad Touch Screen Change
  • Ankara iPad Original Parts and Accessories
  • Ankara iPad Screen Change
  • Ankara iPad Battery Change
  • Ankara iPad Charge Socket Change
  • Ankara iPad Wifi Repair
  • Ankara iPad Button Repair
  • Ankara iPad Update
  • Ankara iPad Motherboard Repair
  • Ankara iPad Game Upload
  • Ankara iPad Maintenance Service
  • Ankara iPad Technical Service
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With all of our staff members, we work as hard as we can to save you time and energy.

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Our most important purpose is to satisfy you, and for this purpose, we work until we respond to your needs.

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All of our service is under our guarantee for at least 30 days.