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All of our services are under our warranty for at least 30 days!

Ozlem Computer, founded in 2003 with the intention of technical service, now works to help you with “Professional Technical Service & Maintenance and Repair”, “Professional Web Design and Hosting Services”, “Maintenance Deals and Information Support Contracts for Institutions and Companies”, “Information Products Sale”, “Software Services”, “Console Services”, “Electronic Services” after the new concepts brought by the ever-changing computer industry.

ankara computer services

Hardware and software repair for desktops of all brands and models.


ankara laptop repair

Hardware and software repair for laptops of all brands and models.


ankara tablet repair

Software and hardware repair, and update service for tablets and gaming consoles of all brands and models.


ankara onsite computer service

Thanks to our onsite service, we solve your company’s issues in a faster and safer way.


ankara server setup

By doing projects like server and network setup, and structural substructure wiring, we offer professional solutions to your company or institution.


ankara mac repair

Including Macbook retina and Mac Minis, we repair all your Apple products with original or 1st class parts.


ankara web desing

We upload your company identity to digital platform by offering corporate and personal promotion sites, and special web package for companies..


ankara data recovery

With our all-professional team members and equipment, we offer you guaranteed data recovery and data safety service!



  • Microsoft Windows System Setup and Repair
  • Apple, iMac and Macbook System Setup and Repair
  • Data Recovery
  • Erasing and Preventing Virus, Malware, Adware
  • Removing Cryptolocker Virus and Recovering Files
  • PC & Laptop Repair
  • Tablet & Electronic Device Repair
  • Gaming Console Repair
  • Server & Network Solutions
  • WorkStation Setup and Maintenance
  • Replacing Damaged or Broken Screen
  • Hardware Updates
  • Onsite Service & Instruction Support
  • Website Setup and Update
  • Special Software for Companies
  • SEO Service
  • Computer and Electronic Consumable Materials
  • Network Connection Problems
  • Software Update Service


With our 14 years of experience, we’re here to solve all kinds of problems as soon as possible, all together!

Warranted Service

No matter the type of the service, whether software or hardware, we offer at least 30 days of warranty to all of our customers.

All-Professional Team Members

To solve your problem in the fastest and affordable way, we’re at your service with our expert team.

Your Time is Important to Us

Why do computers break at the most inconvenient time for you? Call us when it happens and we’ll do ou best to solve it in the fastest time possible for you.

Customer Satisfaction

In all of our services, our foremost priority is to satisfy you and solve your problems in the most convenient and affordable way.

ankara kaliteli bilgisayar teknik servisi

With all of our staff members, we work as hard as we can to save you time and energy.

ankara onsite service

Our most important purpose is to satisfy you, and for this purpose, we work until we respond to your needs.

ankara notebook repair

All of our service is under our guarantee for at least 30 days.